Concealed fitting

Visible fitting

The combination of a window profile, glass and fitting contributes to the final quality of a window in regard to anti-intrusion protection.

Different requirements for a certain degree of security are achieved by the closing system at more points, ie. anti-intrusion system (WK1 WK6) which is measured by the time of resistance to burglary actions.

The fitting can be with visible or concealed hinges.

Decompression chamber

glass ventilation groove

We use the most contemporary tools in the window production.

Wooden windows have a decompression chamber and a groove for glass ventilation.

The decompression chamber serves to reduce the wind pressure on the seals, whereas the ventilation groove has a role to prevent glass condensation and thus preserve wood from decay.

Laminated wood without extension

Laminated wood with extension

Our windows are made from laminated wood. Laminate is obtained by sticking together three or five layers of elements (boards) of the same width which are glued together using special glue for wood.

Thus laminated wood has better mechanical properties than the one-piece wood laminate is made from.

When creating laminate, the visible parts can be made with extensions or from a one-piece element board.


Tilt and turn window system represents the standard and most practical type of window.

It satisfies all the needs when opening and venting a room. The opening is possible around the utmost left or right axis with limited tilt.

The possibility of tilt enables and meets all the reqirements for room ventilation, thereby reducing the risk of mould or humidity in your home.


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