Our company was founded 25 years ago, in the immediate vicinity of Niš.

We started as a small carpenter shop, with several experienced carpenters and true wood admirers. In time, we have learnt to treat wood as a living being, because every tree has its soul, and it is here to tell our story.

From the very beginning, the Đorđević family has been at the head of the company. The production process has been constantly improving. The sales market has been expanding and the number of satisfied customers growing.

Today we stand proud of our company, still with the same goal – to improve, expand and enhance our business.

Our improvement path has been long but we have come a long way from our first shop. We have introduced the most contemporary technology, but wood is still processed in the finest possible way and the best quality paint is imprinted in its structure.

Today we are here for you, standing solid and ready to satisfy your refined taste.

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